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I’ve arrived at what will be my home for the summer. I have an internship doing microbiology stuff on the beach in Florida. It’s nice here. Our housing was provided – we have a little tiny dorm for us 8 interns. We are in charge of our own food, however.

“Great!” you might say, having seen/heard my laments about not having my own kitchen.

Oh, do I know better now. I’ve been here a week (although I went home this past weekend). After about 3 days it felt like I’d already been here forever. And I had been so healthy! Salads once a day, no awful snacky foods…I even went running on the beach three days in a row! Shopping for myself has been really good for me so far.

But then days 4 and 5 hit. They were long days. Three days of working your brain, trying to remember all you can about your Cell Biology and Genetics class, processing the process of PCRs and the use of double-stranded RNA to silence a gene really wears on a person! Not to mention the running when I haven’t exactly been running regularly… It’s so very difficult to work up the energy to cook something for yourself when it’s just you and you might as well snack various things from the fridge. They’re all relatively healthy things, right?

I have no real repertoire of recipes to rely on. I think that is my real problem. There aren’t a whole bunch of dinner options/ideas floating around in my brain to pull on. I tossed together pretty much the same salad once a day (but it’s a good salad!). I made my dad’s salmon patties, which were tasty and I ate the leftovers the next night. I’ve had a lot of sandwiches (but I love sandwiches!). And some mac & cheese (not exciting, exactly).

This is definitely going to be a challenge and a learning experience for me.

One last thing: I need to go to the store SO often, it seems! I always forget something or run out of something in 2 days. Starting from nothing, with no reserves, is really annoying. In fact, I need to go to the store right now.


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