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I was surfing around for ideas for things that I will probably never make nor blog about, when I found this website: CookThink . I’ve been poking around for an hour now finding EASY recipes. It’s really focused on simple, everyday, tasty foods.

One of the best features is that at the beginning of the recipe it lists “things you need” – as in kitchen tools. This is GREAT for me, since I have limited supplies in my kitchen and those I have are sketchy at best. So, if I don’t read a recipe closely, I can get halfway through it and realize I need to do some serious improvisation and construction. For example, it’s great when I find this recipe that only requires a skillet – I can easily make that here. But I can also find something like this and toss it into my recipe box to save it for home.

The website really aims itself to customization, with easy to use “meal builder” features. You can Create a Meal, then add recipes to it as you come across them. To help even more with “meal building”, it has “goes with” suggestions on a panel next to each recipe.

And for a cooking beginner like myself, it has handy-dandy technique articles with each recipe. For example, when I see this and although there aren’t many ingredients or kitchen utensils required, I’m not quite sure when it means “make overlapping diagonal folds” with your parchment paper. Right next to it there’s a link to a How To article with pictures and instructions for “how to fold a papillote“. All it needs next is a pronunciation guide!

I’m so excited to put this to use!


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