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So, I have this problem. I love movies. All movies! Drama, action, sci-fi, roco (romantic comedy), animated, etc. I really have the ability to appreciate a movie for what it is. I suppose I do dislike some movies, or think some movies are bad. I suppose it’s difficult to describe. Maybe I just don’t have a lot of expectations, so I’m not often let down.

Well, in the past two days I’ve seen Iron Man and Dan in Real Life.

Iron Man

Totally a great superhero movie. One of the best “suiting up” montages I’ve seen. It’s not believable, of course, but you shouldn’t exactly expect a superhero movie to be believable. The token Girl isn’t even an annoyance (a la some Kristin Dunst scenes in Spiderman). It was enjoyable and engaging and I highly reccomend.

Dan in Real Life

I think the cover said “Delightfully charming” or something like that. Well, it was. Cliche dead mom and a father of three? Yeah, MAYBE. I don’t think it’s taken in a way that’s cliche at all. Everything Dane Cook says should be considered funny, as it is Dane Cook saying it. That helps. Uplifting and happy-go-lucky. Steve Carrell also is such a great pathetic character. Casting gets an A.


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