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Summer preview

Haven’t felt like blogging too much, but to sum up: I am spending the summer in Vermont and I have an ice cream maker. Oh yessss I do.

A preview of summer so far:

Blackberry Custard

Chicken Piccata

At the grand prix jumpers


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Back at school

I’m back at school. Very busy. I have a short backlog of posts. Let’s see how long it takes for me to get to them.

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A conversation with Carolina on AIM revealed to each other our food blog obsessions:

me: i always knew we were kindred spirits.
me: everyone’s always like “uhh great” when i’m like “foodblogs!!111!”
caro: the cheesecake pops look DELICIOUS
caro: hahaha !! i waste soo much time on em!
me: YES
caro: lmao
caro: its like food porn

Note: the cheesecake pops refer to Jen’s post responding to the Daring Bakers’ latest challenge.

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An Introduction

Once again I enter the blogging world.

I’ve toyed with Blogs here and there. I believe I had about three livejournals, one of which I successfully updated for about a year and a half. In fact, I even learned HTML and basic CSS back then. My admittedly geeky computer days. I still enjoy and understand many geek references. I had a writing blog for…well…I only posted one story, so about a day or two. I used to keep journals. I successfully filled up one whole journal from beginning to end. That involved a 15 day Outward Bound in Costa Rica, however, which probably took up about half. I journaled for about the first semester or so of college. I bought one beautiful journal – leather with sketched horses on the front and have written probably 15 pages in it. A waste, but I think I must sacrifice the aesthetic pleasure of handwritten journals in purple ink to the convenience of my iMac.

I’ve become ADDICTED to some great food blogs. Not to mention two TV blogs. And of course there’s PostSecret and ICanHazCheesburger (I’m shameless). I spend a lot of time during the day checking these blogs when I know they have not updated. So, instead, I will try and keep my own when I am not doing chemistry or writing papers or labs or reading bioethics articles (all of these things I should be doing right now).

Anyway, it is late and I need to sleep so I can make my 8 am class tomorrow.

Hopefully I will dream up something interesting to talk about.

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